Here’s a truth about Philadelphia permits: they’re hard to get, essential to any construction or business in the city, and nobody is usually thinking about them until they already need one.

In Philly, there are plenty of talented designers, contractors, and lawyers to get your zoning and building projects off the ground.  There are even licensed expediters to collect permits from the City of Philadelphia.  But there’s rarely anyone around to track the entire permit process, coordinate all the different people involved, and actually go to City offices to make sure the paperwork is filed correctly.

That’s where Permit Philly comes in: we manage the Philadelphia permit process from the first call to the day we pick up your certificate; all while keeping you informed of any necessary changes to your application.   We collect the information we need from you, get all the contractors and designers on the same page, submit applications, track permits, file appeals, and notify you when the City needs additional information.  We also have the experience and attention to flag incomplete plans or insufficient contractor information.

We have simple and elegant pricing for services ranging from a single building permit application to the management of a complex zoning variance case.  To get a quote, you can simply follow this link.  And if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@permitphilly.com.

Brett Madsen | Owner + Expediter


(267)744-4200 ext. 1

Brett - Licensed Expediter in PhiladelphiaBrett founded Permit Philly after working as the operations coordinator for a zoning law office.  Back when he started there, he was brand new to Philly, had never worked in real estate before, and hadn’t ever seen a zoning or building permit.  But as a curious person up for a challenge — he once moved to China without visiting first — he studied the zoning process in Philadelphia, then the regulations surrounding construction permits.  Then the rules for food licenses.  Then signs.  Now a licensed expediter with years of experience in City of Philadelphia permits, he’s ready to put his expertise to work on your project.

When he’s not navigating Licenses and Inspections, he can probably be found watching or playing music in Fishtown and Kensington.